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PASQUALI Orion Tractor Range

05600 492482 (LOCAL RATE)

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Alan Munn: 05600 492482

youtube video of Orion hay

To make a successful project, one must envisage the largest number of possible solutions: therefore, the Orion series was developed with five different versions, each of which is designed to meet the different requirements our customers.

Orion, reversible equal sized wheeled tractors with steering wheels, are considered the version of reference for the specialized sector and above all have to satisfy the standards dictated by the particular type of use and in particular, be compatible with the environment in which they are used.

The compact dimensions and the reduced turning circle make the Orion an irreplaceable machine, able to perform all the tasks it was designed for in the best possible way.

The new transmission is integrated with the OS-Frame: one shaft and one central joint guarantee high transmission power to the wheels and power take-off, for maximum reliability.

The driving position is reversible as a standard solution on all versions, a characteristic that makes Orion a useful instrument for farm work, in municipal sectors and for working in green areas.

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To discuss your specific needs and to find out which version suits you best, call:
Alan on 05600 492482

youtube video of Orion hay